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How to Add a Network Printer in Mac OS X

Apple also notes some older operating systems are no longer able to change payment methods: " If you can't change your payment method in the App Store or iTunes Store On June 30, , Apple will implement changes to continue to ensure your financial data is protected when you make purchases on the iTunes Store or App Store. As a result of the changes, you will no longer be able to change your Apple ID payment information from devices using the following versions of Apple software: iOS 4. If you're using one of these versions on your device and need to change your payment method, update your device to the latest version of the software If files or folders that iTunes uses to download purchases are restricted, you might see an alert message that reads: "We could not complete your iTunes Store request.

An unknown error has occurred Get help with video problems on external displays connected to your Mac previously was "Troubleshooting internal and external displays.

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Set HDTV to non-scaled display mode. Apple Display Troubleshooting If the power light on your Apple flat-panel display is flashing If you changed your display's resolution and now there's no picture Apple computers: Black screen or unresponsive Mini DisplayPort display after sleep now archived Includes note to make sure Mini DisplayPort adapters are Vesa 1. FYI: If you have a or later Mac mini with FileVault enabled and the display doesn't wake from safe sleep, this apple doc says a workaround is to type in your password despite having no video , which will log you in and wake the display.

Sometimes it's temporary but often not. They do this so often it's frustrating. I wish they would list docs like this as archived instead of removing them.

Apple HP Printer Drivers Reviews

If you're using a inch MacBook Pro from or later, always plug eGPUs and other high-performance devices into the left-hand ports for maximum data throughput. Article also has notes on app support and link to developer page on coding apps to support eGPUs. As of Jan 17, revision, the article title and text still has "Hz", which should be " K Hz".

Installing Your HP Printer in Mac Lion Using AirPrint - HP

Page has a workaround and a terminal command for Early and older macs to restore function with needing special keypresses at every boot. As of August , article is 'archived, no longer updated'. What to do if Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1. Includes notes this may be caused by having a self-powered Thunderbolt device connected when the update is applied. Article now archived.

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The public release of macOS Hold the keys down until Mac startup tone is heard 3 times. The original HT article had info on what's stored in it, when and why you should reset it. This fixed a Firewire port problem on my old iMac. HandyPrint is very lightweight and easy to use.

Mac users with old printers that do not have the AirPrint protocol will find this imperative. HandyPrint works well with a lot of traditional printers including the Canon printer, HP printer series, and some other ones.

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Mac users will find HandyPrint very handy. HandyPrint is basically made for Mac users on old printers that do not support the AirPrint protocol. It works flawlessly with printers like Canon, HP, and some other ones.

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After installing, it is located on the menu bar with a tag "Open HandyPrint. For HandyPrint to work on an available shared network printer, the printer must be supported by the iOS or Mac OS device that is turned on and also visible to the printer. This will act as a hub that will support the AirPrint protocol. As soon as you shut down the device, AirPrint will not be able to work. HandyPrint is easy to install and configure.

For further inquiries and access to technical support, you can click Help in the bottom right corner of the main window to navigate to a webpage that walks you through the software and provides answers to frequently asked questions. Users who downloaded HandyPrint for Mac also downloaded: We are happy to recommend you programs like HandyPrint for Mac that other users liked. Just click to publish a printer to your wireless networks or to enable email-to-print.

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In either case, admins can also require authentication before printing. EFI points out that some of these limitations can be overcome by configuring multiple drivers for the same printer. For example, by publishing two versions of your color printer -- one driver that defaults to color printing and one that defaults to black-and-white -- mobile users could simply select the appropriate version to get the print settings they want. Easy to set up. PrintMe Mobile installs on a Windows machine that can be located anywhere in your network.

However, if your central PrintMe Mobile server is on a different subnet than the Wi-Fi network hosting your mobile users, then you'll need to install an additional piece, called PrintMe Mobile Link, on a Windows box on that subnet.

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PrintMe Mobile Link works like a broker, publishing PrintMe Mobile's list of available printers to the local subnet, and when an iOS or Android device selects one of those printers, providing the printer's IP address so the mobile device can direct its print job. I installed PrintMe Mobile 2. I spent most of that time installing the drivers for the printers I wanted to publish. Kudos to EFI for the clear and well-organized documentation and straightforward setup wizard. The installation and setup guide tell you everything you need to know. Two things you need to keep in mind: First,.

Net is required, and it must be installed before PrintMe Mobile.

Enable AirPrint in Mac OS X 10.6.5

Why Microsoft Office? As you might guess, installing Office will also be necessary if you want to draw on PrintMe Mobile's email-to-print capability. Easy to manage. The heart of PrintMe Mobile is an elegant Web-based dashboard where you publish your printers, enable authentication or not , and view logs on all printer and administrative activity. It's a very clean GUI that couldn't be easier to use. All the print drivers installed on the system show up in a list.

To publish a printer to your wireless networks, just click a check box. To enable email printing to the printer assuming it has an email address , just click another check box. A third check box enables authentication, either through Active Directory or through local user accounts on the PrintMe Mobile host. Mobile printing is still young, and you can expect glitches. Version 2.

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Blame Apple or blame EFI, but workarounds such as multiple drivers for that color printer and compromises printing 20 pages when the user needs only five come with the territory. On the server side, EFI's PrintMe Mobile is a polished, enterprise-class product that doesn't require an enterprise-class administrator to install and maintain. While it's easy enough for almost anyone to adopt, it does require a dedicated Windows box for every subnet you want to support , and some of its capabilities will be overkill for smaller shops.

There are no restrictions on the number of mobile users or mobile devices. The fundamental promise of AirPrint was zero-configuration printing from iOS devices.

No drivers to install, no configuration of any sort -- it doesn't matter what server or PCs you use or if you even use them. Lantronix's xPrintServer appliances take that same concept and put it in a small print server that you can connect to any Ethernet port. Once connected and powered, xPrintServer detects the printers on your network and AirPrint-enables those that don't have AirPrint built in. It really is that simple. A Web console for when you want more than plug-and-play.

Most of the time it's as simple as plugging the xPrintServer into the network and letting it find your printers for you.

Via a Web-based console, you can manually add printers to the list that xPrintServer autodetects; I had to do that to have it see a Brother MFCDN, a workhorse multifunction device. After that, the Brother was just another printer on the network as far as iOS devices were concerned. A firmware update released July 27 now autodetects and sets up that particular Brother model.

You can also use the Web console to remove printers from iOS visibility, keeping sensitive or expensive-to-operate printers from being accessed by iOS devices. The password-protected console is also where you install firmware updates, manage the print queue such as to delete print jobs , enter printer metadata such as location or friendly name , and set up users for when you want to restrict printing to specific people. It's a well-designed console that lets you manage your AirPrint environment beyond the default "plug and play, all access" mode.

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