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Please find a table with detailed technical data in our Buyer's guide. Note: You may configure the main pages through options. The screenshots below are just examples, the actual appearance may vary from the pages shown below depending on the current settings. Especially the content of the data fields is user configurable. You can choose from 37 different values, see the table below. Some settings, the way the Forerunner calculates the calories and sorting of the results are based on the sport chosen.

Training Center provides the following features:. Specifications and packaging of the products are subject to change without notice. Differences between the various Forerunner models: All models provide similar functions; these are the main differences:.

Hint: Click on the images for an enlargement. The antenna is positioned behind the bended part of the housing and provides the best possible conditions for receiving the satellites signals regardless of the position of the bearer's wrist. Chest belt with heart rate monitor. The chest belt uses a digitally coded signal, which means, once a heart beat sensor and the GPS have been paired, the GPS will never receive a conflicting signal from another sensor. So you can exercise in close proximity to other sensors without fear of interference.

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Information about your training: Profile: stores personal information such as gender, weight and date of birth in order to calculate the calories burned Stores various settings per sport mode running, biking, other , such as values to be displayed on the custom page, heart rate zones, limits etc. Stop watch with split times laps. Records split times either manually by pressing the "lap" key or automatically based on a user defined distance. Auto pause: Stops the watch automatically if the current speed drops below a user defined value, e. Speed alert: Goes off when the current speed exceeds a user defined upper limit or when the current speed drops below a user defined lower limit.

Distance alert: Goes off after you have travelled a user defined distance. The alert can be set to go off only once or repetitive. Time alert Goes off after a user defined time period. Heart rate alert: Goes off when the current heart rate exceeds a user defined upper limit or when the current heart rate drops below a user defined lower limit. Virtual Partner: This unique feature helps you to achieve certain goals for your workout. It will ask you to speed up or slow down as needed and it shows on the display whether you are ahead or behind your virtual partner.

History: Forerunner keeps track of your workouts. It stores the date, time, number of laps, duration, distance, average speed, calories burned, average and maximum heart rate on a daily basis. It also provides weekly overviews and running totals for the duration, distance and calories burned. Navigation: Indicates your current location in relation to user defined waypoints.

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Forerunner software versions and greater are compatible with all versions of Training Center for Mac. You can download the latest version of Training. I recently dug up my old Garmin Forerunner (purchased back in ! woo hoo!) Garmin seems to have recently released a software called Garmin Install and fire up Garmin Training Center for Mac and I have.

You can create routes with these waypoints. The GPS will guide you from one waypoint to the next indicating current direction and distance. You can save 50 reversible routes. Back to start: This feature helps you to travel all the way back to the starting point of your trip. Thanks for the incredibly helpful review! I have an Edge for cycling and wanted to get a Garmin for my wife runner. Yup — this is exactly what the Garmin excels at.


It can do all of those, though there is some debate as to the accuracy of the calorie counting technology. I use my to do all of the items you mentioned, and do tons of HR training with it in fact, all my training is HR-based.

Communicator Plugin for Mac software version 4.2.0

To store, analyze, create, and share your fitness data you should try out Garmin Connect. At Audioholics Gear Corner we give you a quick but comprehensive look at consumer electronics from several different categories. Users rating: ratings. The heart rate monitor fits quite well and does not feel uncomfortable in the least while running. The unit is waterproof to a degree and I do not recommend swimming with the unit, however it is protected from perspiration and the elements.

For this principal reason I use to run and i am a mountain bike starter so I would like to improve both I would go for the Do you think I should go for the bought abroad. I signed up to do a half-marathon in February so my main focus will be to use it for recording distances while running. I know that is probably a silly question but I was just curious. Does the keep a running average for pace on a run? As in will it display the true combined average of previous miles, or does it only show current pace?

Doing Rock n Roll San Antonio for my first full marathon now, and I wanted the GPS unit so I can accurately track paces now that I am getting more goal oriented and serious about my running. Given I was on a multi-week trip, I needed it for a variety of reasons not all just training actually. So I went ahead and purchased on there. A few weeks later the Dubai unit was acting weird not charging correctly. The US Garmin folks were more than happy to not only fix the unit, but also to send me back a US unit instead of a Dubai unit.

Technically they were the same, but somewhere on the backend they are tagged different. Anyway, just my two cents on that one. Yup, no issues at all. Folks have also used them successfully in portions of Antartica as well. So no problem at all.

Garmin forerunner 305 software mac

Above in the review you can see the route I tracked using the on an airplane from the US to Europe. Yup, there are two options well, actually a lot of options to display pace. But the key ones to consider are:. Current pace Basically shows you your instanteous pace Average pace shows you your average pace.

Garmin Forerunner 305 Training Center Software Mac

Lots of options here. Check out my XT review for a bit more detail on that. Thanks for the advice! Did you save some money picking it up in Dubai?

I have also another question that is a bit out theme: what do you think about the fr 60? It was about the same, perhaps a hair cheaper than I was expecting though. Hey thanks for the quick reply!! This will come in great handy this weekend for a 12 hour hike.

Thanks again. I had a Pacemaker installed in July before I bought my Garmin I cannot get the heart rate monitor to work.

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Talked with the Pacemaker mfg Medtronic and they said no problem. Talked with Garmin and they said no problem. Do you have any suggestions how I might get this to work. I love the Garmin but bought it mostly for using the heart rate function for training.

One thing to do is have someone else pair the HRM strap to the watch well outside the range for you. For example, have them to to the other side of the house — or just 50 yards down the street. Just have them wear the strap, pair it, and then turn off the watch this commits the settings. That said, I found one post where someone saw similiar issues at first with a Pacemaker, but then found it to be just a coincidence with the battery.

Note that they had pre-paired it before the pacemaker you can do the same with just a friend. At first only very weak alerts and finally no more sound alerts with interval training or when switching on the device. Have you ever expecienced that yourself of heard of it, and perhaps know of a cure to bring the sound alerts back?

Very nice review. You can actually display the speed in kmh-mph by changing the speed option. It is working not only for biking but also for running.