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6 Best RSS Feed Readers For Mac You Can Use

When it comes to the user interface, Inoreader looks more like a traditional news reading app than an RSS reader. You can subscribe to topics to begin with, and the app opens in a magazine view by default. It also offers a customizable reading screen. The free account lets you subscribe to feeds. You can pay for the Pro version to get offline mode for selected folders, active search, and the ability to search through all public articles. Download : Inoreader Free, subscription available. The app will help you discover sources, topics, and websites. And the app has a good reading experience as well.

If you only plan on subscribing to a handful of websites and want the cleanest reading interface possible, go for Unread. As we mentioned, there are a lot more RSS apps available.

Many blur the line between pure RSS and a magazine-style news reader. Newsify is a prime example of an app that walks that line well. If you try your hand at RSS but find it too overwhelming, you can always switch back to news reading apps that handle the experience for you 7 Best iPad News Apps to Follow the Latest Headlines 7 Best iPad News Apps to Follow the Latest Headlines Whether you're hungry for the very latest happenings or just looking to catch up on the week's events, your iPad is a great news reader.

Apps like Flipboard, News, and Nuzzel will do the job. Your email address will not be published. Been using Feedly on all platforms that I use for many years now No need to use any other RSS feeder app or site. It is outstanding. Its web view is so good, that I don't feel the need for native apps on my Mac.

However, for my iPhone, I've been using Reeder for the last few years until a couple of months ago.

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The Feedbin has a new iOS app in testing that is essentially a "web-wrapper" for his web view. I absolutely love its basic simple design approach, ease of navigation, and an always-on "text-view" that means I don't have to launch the originator's website to see the whole article or view their ads. I highly recommend it. Rob Nightingale.

NewsBar - RSS news reader for OS X and iOS with iCloud sync

Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Run in the background automatically finding new content as soon as it gets published. These readers allow you to access the content online, or sync articles with apps for your PC or mobile device, which are made by that RSS service or third-party developers. Google Reader was considered the gold standard for RSS readers until July when Google brought the decade-plus success of the tool to an abrupt end in order to focus on other products.

This was a major upset, but it also gave rise to hundreds of great RSS apps competing for the previously Google Reader users.

Follow your favorite blogs, sites, and feeds for free

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage feeds, follow your favorite websites, or even use its podcast stream to join podcasts. The tool uses streams to keep your podcast and site subscriptions organized. These streams can be assigned specific subscriptions or topics, as per your liking. You can also empty your reading queue to start afresh when you feel overwhelmed with content.

Feed Wrangler is a reading-only tool with no social media integrations. However, you can move articles you want to read later to Pinboard, Pocket, or Instapaper with one click. Reeder is available for both iOS and Mac devices, though it is more commonly used in desktops due the convenience of keyboard support, subscription management, and the option to open links in the background of your browser. Still, the tool syncs flawlessly with other RSS readers including Feed Wrangler, Feedly, and Feedbin, pulling in unread items depending on their state with the respective readers.

The tool is fast, considering that it can sync with a Feedly account containing 4, unread items. This app gained a massive 3 million new users in less than one month after Google Reader was discontinued. It is arguably the most popular RSS reader today, considering that it is accessible via iOS devices, as well as Android and Web platforms. It is characterized by clean and simple, user-friendly interface that makes it ideal for casual readers looking to browse through their favorite websites in a single place.

You can perform searches for website names or topics to view content. Feedly integrates well with many social media apps so you can easily share content. As with many other top RSS readers, NewsBlur allows the user to subscribe to multiple sites and organize content into folders. It has a unique reading mode that allows you to either view a simplified form of the article, or view the original content from its source website.

The 10 Best Free RSS Reader Apps in 2018

The best feature in NewsBlur is its elaborate filtering that automatically highlights or hides content based on your habits. Depending on the filters you use on a regular basis, the system learns your preferences and attempts to surface the content that appeals to you the most.

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I'm in the same boat and keep using Reeder on Mac, iPhone and iPad for now. But I'm sorely missing a Windows client. OPML is easy enough; I'm talking about the database of saved items.

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RSS Feed - mackeeper. I've used NNW for years and it was fantastic! Use these great apps with Feedbin. Using Feeder's browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Yandex is perhaps the simplest way to read RSS feeds—one that's especially popular with those who want to quickly read the headlines and get on with their day. I'm actually a bit sad that it seems there's no decent standard for just syncing the read status and subscriptions, combined with some good native clients like NetNewsWire, which always was one of my prime examples of why the OS X app space seemed so good in the '00s.

Is cloning Google Reader really that hard? Maybe I should write it. A native application like QuiteRSS, completely self contained, just works, fast, low attack surfaces, etc is infinitely better than any web based monster. That's exactly what TheOldReader[0] did. That's not at all what TheOldReader appears to be. But you asked for a clone of Google Reader. Which theoldreader is.

The Best RSS Reader for Mac

I actually asked if cloning Google Reader was all that hard, not if it had been done. ABS 62 days ago. I'm one of those people still using version 3. All feeds are now at the same level and basically unusable Worked for me when I imported from Feedly.

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If it doesn't work for you, I'd report a bug. I'm sure having a migration path from old versions of NNW is something Brent cares about. If I change the export option from the default to "with groups" I can import folders into v. It's better than nothing for sure. You end up with no nested folders and renaming folders like "Tech - Blogs". This loses a lot of choices of how to read your feeds.


It also has no sorting and adopts the iOS style lack of information with a single text entry for each item instead of sortable columns. It is really best to treat it as a new program not a sequel much like what happened to Final Cut Pro. You cannot keep using the paid version because it stopped working for some feeds. In case you're not aware, that version won't run in Catalina. I see no way to nested folders in 5. So if you have a Technology folder with sub folders like Blog and News , it won't import properly nor can you recreate the folder hierarchy.

Haven't found anything on the roadmap but still exploring. RSS is back! Just added it to our corporate 11ty site using a plugin.

So glad the open web is on the upswing. It is the kind of thing I miss on my surface I wish that there were more apps that focused on the problem of searching and organizing archives and tracking ideas over time, rather than just another interface to the latest posts.

Newspot - Your Wonderful News & RSS Feed Reader for Apple Watch and iPhone